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Lawn Care Shelbyville KY | Lawn Service Shelbyville KY | Lawn Care Services Shelbyville KY

Started by two brothers, Dan and Sam Farison, Farison Lawn Care in Shelbyville, KY has been in business for over 40 years. Family-owned and operated since 1971, they had one goal in mind and that was to provide high quality residential lawn care. What sets Farison Lawn Care apart from the competition? They take great pride in their work and treating lawns for customers. Their main goal is to treat lawns and customers with the same type of individual care. What home owner doesn't want a nice, green lawn without the hassle of maintaining the lawn services themselves? Especially during the summer months when most lawns get more wear and tear. With Farison Lawn Care they can offer premium lawn care services, including: lawn fertilization, insect control, grub services, inspection, disease control, tree/shrub care, and lawn weed control. They offer high quality products to treat lawns, and being in Kentucky, the "Blue Grass State" it's nice to know Farison's professionally certified staff can deliver quality lawncare services. Farison Lawn Care is the premiere lawncare service company in the Shelbyville, KY area and has expanded into other areas of lawn services as well. With an increasing demand for sport turf and field maintenance, in 1995, Farison Lawn Care branched into two separate companies. Farison Lawn Care stayed in place as the company that handles all residential lawn care services, while a sports turf division was created called Farison Sports Turf. Customers can request a consultation if they need field lawn services in the Kentucky area. Odds are, some of the area golf courses and athletic fields in the Shelbyville, KY area already use Farison Sports Turf's lawn services. Services to their customers come at a very affordable price. What Farison can offer is excellent customer service while improving the state of any lawn. Farison understands that your lawn is an important part of the overall appearance of your home. They have a staff that can inspect the property and provide a comprehensive analysis of its current condition. And their highly experienced lawn technicians can treat, improve and create the beautiful lawn you need. Once a course of action is decided upon, trained professionals at Farison can do the job. Their specialty programs cover all kinds of lawn needs. All lawn treatment programs offer free service calls and lawn sprays are warrantied with no charge if they have to come back to the property. Whatever chemical applications you need for your residential property, we have you covered: Insects, trees, shrubs, landscape beds, even fleas and ticks. The programs apply chemicals at the proper time when weeds are visible and not when the lawn doesn't need it which can prevent any damage to your lawn. Farison's lawn fertilization and weed control programs offer effective solutions for any lawn problems. Contact Farison today if you need a free lawn analysis or have any questions about their services. All work is warrantied no matter what lawn care services you need. With Farison Lawn Care, your lawn can always look greener, faster.

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