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Landscape Bed Weed Control Louisville KY

While the name of our business may spell out lawn care, we do not limit our services to just the grass in your yard. While we are indeed outstanding at keeping the lawns of the Louisville area beautiful, we also are exceedingly adept at making sure that all the flora on the outside of your property will be able to grow without being overrun by pests. And when you say the word “pest”, people often think of bugs. However, there is a different type, and often more dangerous pest. They are not animals that bite, but are called weeds. And while they can make their way in your lawn, weeds can also manifest very easily in the beds of your landscape, endangering your bushes, shrubs, and flowers. Weeds are very resilient plants. They seemingly have an ability to grow upiquitously, robbing your grass and desired plants of vital nutrients. Left unchecked, within one single season, they can often completely overtake your lawn, your garden, your landscape bed, or all three. Additionally, the ones that are the most destructive are often the ones that are the fastest growing. At Farison Lawn Care, we are committed to keeping your entire property clear of unwanted weeds. We have one truck that is reserved specifically for driving out weeds in your landscape bed. This application is separate from our lawn care services. It is important to keep these two programs distinct, because the set of chemicals that you will need for your lawn care are different than the set for your landscape bed. The substances your grass will be able to tolerate are different than what the other plants or flowers in your landscape will be able to handle. Furthermore, this is a five step application process that is spread out over a wider time period, more similar to our lawn fertilization. The activity of bugs and insects varies far greater with the temperature. Many weeds, on the other hand, will sprout and reproduce very rapidly in a wide range of weather. With the exception of the few coldest months of the year, weeds will be a persistent threat to your landscape beds. It is often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That is why our process of application begins with two pre-emergence sprays, in order to discourage weed impaction and growth. Afterwards, these sprays are followed by three post emergence applications that will kill any weeds that were resistant to the preliminary visits, and will allow the plants in your landscape bed to grow and flourish, undisturbed by rogue flora. Our family owned business has successfully dealt not only with lawn services, but also with landscape beds for decades. We have acquired a library's worth of knowledge and experience in selecting a combination of chemicals that are not only the most effective for weed removal, but will also keep safe your shrubs, plants, and bushes. The staff at Farison Lawn Care is dedicated to keeping the landscape beds of Louisville and a great surrounding area free of weeds. If you wish to have not only a beautiful lawn, but also a lush landscape bed, please contact us for a free consultation.

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