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Flea and Tick Control Louisville KY

During June, July, and August in Louisville – the summer months – you and your family and friends are likely to spend the most time out on your lawn playing. Whether it is setting up a pool in your backyard, having a barbecue with your family and neighbors, or your kids running through the sprinklers, or playing ball, summer is obviously the prime time of year for lawn recreation. Unfortunately, this is also the season when insects and other bugs are also the most active, and are looking for a place to set up camp. This obviously causes a conflict of interest, especially when it comes to the bugs that can have an adverse effect on your body, quite notably ticks and fleas. These can also pose a significant problem for your pets who not only use the lawn for recreation, but also need to relieve themselves. That is where our business’ flea and tick control application service will help you out. One of the bonuses of our flea and tick course of application is that it does not only keep away fleas and ticks. The particular chemical compositions in this lawn care service will repel any bugs that may cause a problem to you, your guests, or your lawn. This includes ants and chiggers, who can pack a very powerful and painful bite, despite being small enough to make them almost difficult to see. The proven brand chemicals that we use in our particular program are very versatile, and are guaranteed to keep your lawn bug free. Apart from its effectiveness, you will find that this particular lawn service is also quite convenient. It is a three step process that we apply roughly once per month. It can be applied more often if necessary, however this usually isn’t the case. All of our technicians are knowledgeable and properly trained in the field of lawn care, and can coordinate this application program with our other lawn services. We will ensure that it does not run into conflict with another of our programs you may wish to purchase, such as lawn fertilization. Under our competent care, we will make sure that your yard is not only lush, but safe to have a good time in as well. Farison Lawn Care warranties all of our chemical application programs, and the flea and tick control is no exception. If we have to come out to your home or business again and repeat a process that did not hold in the guaranteed time period, you will pay nothing for that visit. So for all of you in Louisville and those in the greater metro area, give Farison Lawn Care a call, and we will come to you for a free consultation. Our staff will knowledgeably and thoroughly answer any questions you have about our flea and tick program, as well as any other of our lawn care services that you may be interested in buying along with it. Entrust your pest control to us; we will not let you down.

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