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Fertilization and Weed Control Louisville KY

Farison Lawn Care located in Louisville, Kentucky, is an industry leader in the lawn care business. Our commitment is to provide the best quality service at the most economical prices in the industry. We use only the highest quality premium products to keep your lawn its greenest. We are a family owned and operated business that has been in the business for over 40 years. Our lawn fertilization and weed control consultants are always available to help you choose the option that is best suited to your specific lawn care needs. What we mostly specialize in is chemical applications to properties. We have a 6-step treatment program throughout the course of the year that covers all of your lawn fertilization and weed control needs. We can help you out with any kind of chemical application. From trees and shrubs to insects or landscape beds, we do it all. Our program offers free service calls as well and we warranty all of our sprays. If we have to come back to your property after we have sprayed, we will do so at no additional charge. All of our on-site consultations are offered at no charge as well. Our 6-step program through the course of the season includes two doses of pre-emergent. We always apply these two doses with the first two treatments. Chemical applications for lawn fertilization and weed control are roughly 4-8 weeks apart. We ensure that all of our products are applied at the proper time. We will not put fertilizer down when it’s going to burn the lawn or weed control down when there are no weeds. We only do what is necessary when it is necessary. We also warranty all of our work at every step of the process in order to guarantee your satisfaction. We also make sure that we try to educate our customers about caring for their lawn. We make sure that customers know not only what we are doing and the products that are being used, but all of the things that customers can do to keep their lawn nice and green on their own. The premium products that we use are the best that you can find. We will only charge you the cost of products that are set by the manufacturer. We will never take shortcuts or skimp on the price of our products. Our focus is to provide our customers with great service, use the best quality products, to be available when you need us and to provide you with the lowest possible prices. We have yearly programs available with a main focus on insect and disease control. If you would like to learn more about what chemical treatments you might need for your lawn you can visit us online at There you can find details about our company as well as helpful tips and resources for all of your lawn fertilization and weed control needs.

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